Repairing Exterior Joinery

Most properties have external timbers that need periodic decoration to stave off the threat of deterioration and decay. The most obvious place to start is at the front entrance. Even where the main door has long been replaced with a PVCu, steel or composite model, the original wooden frame and threshold could have been retained.

Changing main doors can do a lot to enhance a property’s kerb appeal, but may not always be the best option. The front door is central to the personality of your home, and on older properties, changing them can alter the building’s character.

Joinery Around the Roof

Things become more challenging as you move higher up the building to the joinery around the roof and eaves. Most properties have fascia boards running along the edges of the roof, covering the ends of the rafters, providing a handy fixing point for guttering. These often take the form of projecting ‘box’ eaves (comprising a fascia and soffit infill ‘ceiling’ underneath).

Soffits usually have vents providing ventilation to the loft, and may be of plywood, asbestos cement sheeting or, on period houses, lath and plaster or timber boards. Buildings with gable ends may also feature decorative timber bargeboards under the edges of the roof slopes (the verges).

All of which begs the question, why locate softwood boards on the most exposed and vulnerable parts of the house where they’re likely to suffer severe weathering and rot? This might explain why some houses were built with minimal external joinery — managing perfectly well with exposed rafter feet at the eaves, gables with corbelled brickwork, and pointed up verges.

If your house is generously endowed with exterior joinery, the good news is that, in many cases, the exposed timbers at roof level probably won’t be in too bad a condition. In older houses this is thanks to the fact that the timber was of superior quality, plus being so well ventilated, damp is free to evaporate. On the other hand, exposure to years of leaking gutters will eventually take its toll. So increasingly woodwork at the eaves and gables will have been replaced with (or concealed by) PVCu — often installed when the guttering is renewed.

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Gary, Build NX, started working with wood when he was at school and realized that he would like to become a skilled carpenter.  The first think Gary made was a toy boat stand closely followed by a paper knife and a coffee table.  While employed at the first company he worked for, he completed several City and Guilds modules.  Since then Gary had worked his trade in many areas both commercial and residential.


We have refurbished bars, restaurants and shops where we built bars, back bars, seating, built storage cupboards.  Some examples of commercial areas we have worked include; three restaurants and the Inc Club at the O2 Arena and in the UBS bank where we built a special storage area in the vault for the works of art kept there.  In 1981, we built camera staging for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.


We can make anything from bookcases, wardrobes and radiator covers.  Externally, we recently made bespoke housing for a BBQ area and can build decks and steps.  Whatever is required is possible.