Gary, Build NX, started working with wood when he was at school and realized that he would like to become a skilled carpenter.  The first think Gary made was a toy boat stand closely followed by a paper knife and a coffee table.  While employed at the first company he worked for, he completed several City and Guilds modules.  Since then Gary had worked his trade in many areas both commercial and residential.


We have refurbished bars, restaurants and shops where we built bars, back bars, seating, built storage cupboards.  Some examples of commercial areas we have worked include; three restaurants and the Inc Club at the O2 Arena and in the UBS bank where we built a special storage area in the vault for the works of art kept there.  In 1981, we built camera staging for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.


We can make anything from bookcases, wardrobes and radiator covers.  Externally, we recently made bespoke housing for a BBQ area and can build decks and steps.  Whatever is required is possible.